Who Dominates Internet Traffic In The US?

If you answer the question "who dominates internet traffic in the US?" with Google or Youtube, Facebook or Amazon, you would be correct. Mostly. I say "mostly" because [unsurprisingly] adult websites dominated the most visited website list by claiming 3 [three] or the top 10 [ten] slots in the US in July 2019.

Of the top 10 visited websites in the US, Pornhub.com, Xvideos.com, and XNXX.com ranked numbers 6, 7, and 9 respectively. Pornhub.com and Xvideos.com even outrank Twitter, Instagram, reddit, and eBay for the number of site visitors.

If you step into the top 50 visited websites in the US, you can also add xHamster.com.com [17], Chaturbate.com [29], and YouPorn.com [33]. These three websites outrank ESPN, Yelp, MLB and AccuWeather.

So, the results are clear, adult websites dominate the US internet traffic when you consider that porn is a singular market competing with some of the biggest players on the internet.

Source: SimilarWeb

What Does This Tell Us About The Adult Website Market?

What this information tells us is that the adult website / porn website market is booming. It also tells us that there is plenty of room for new adult websites to stake their claim in this very profitable market. It also tells us that websites that are not part of the mainstream can compete with the biggest websites on the internet.

To be profitable in the adult website market, you don't even need to be one of the biggest websites. The niche adult website market is growing every day as internet users / porn consumers look for websites focused on exactly the kind of adult content they are searching for.

The huge porn websites may dominate overall, but a growing audience of porn consumers don't want to sort through thousands of categories of porn to get what they want. They want to go to an adult website that specializes in the niche that turns their crank. And, these niche adult websites make money, are easy to build, and easy to maintain.

Yes! You Can Build Profitable Adult Websites

How can you profit from the cash machine that is adult websites / porn websites? It's easy! First you need great porn website domain names. Second, you need a step-by-step guide to getting started building your own adult websites.

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