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When you search for WordPress plugins that can sync / import adult videos, there are about a dozen or so out there to choose from. Unfortunately, there are very few reviews of the ones available [understandably], and even less post themselves to the WordPress plugin directory. This can make finding a quality adult video website WordPress plugin a tricky task. And the only place Dixie likes tricky is in the boom boom room.

But, you can put your worries to rest, because I have found the top two adult video website WordPress plugins that will help you build your websites fast. WP-Script and TubeAce have both been at this game a long time and have very well developed plugins. Where other developers have cum and gone, these guys just keep improving their plugins.

Let's get a little in-depth with WP-Script and TubeAce, so you can decide for yourself which one is the best choice for your budding porn video website empire.

Why WordPress Is Perfect For Porn Video Websites

There are dozens of reasons that WordPress is the perfect website platform for your niche adult video websites, but I will just focus on a few of the main points.

  • WordPress is a well developed and supported open source CMS [Content Management System].
  • WordPress is used by small blogs and enterprise-level companies alike
  • WordPress has a rich ecosystem of developers of every kind of plugin you could ask for
  • Top hosting companies, like SiteGround and Cloudways offer WordPress tuned hosting plans and great WordPress support
  • There are tons of great WordPress tutorials across the internet and tons of videos on YouTube where you can learn how to build WordPress websites
  • WordPress is free. Yes, free!

Now that you know why WordPress is the perfect website platform for your porn video websites, let's take a look at the plugins.


WP-Script is definitely a powerhouse when it comes to adult video WordPress plugins and themes. They offer multiple WordPress themes, and a variety of plugins.

WP-Script currently offers the following plugins:

  • WPS Mass Embedder - Mass import thousands of Adult Videos from the best Porn Tubes
  • WPS Player - The most powerful WordPress Video Player plugin you've ever seen
  • WPS Single Embedder - Copy and paste adult video URLs from Tubes and import all datas in one click
  • WPS Grabber - Mass import thousands of Adult Videos from the best XBiz Sponsors by niches
  • WPS Checker - Check and report all deleted videos from Tubes and any broken link on your site.
  • WPS Photos Downloader - Search & download adult photos in your media in minutes and build beautiful galleries
  • WPS YouTube Importer - Mass import thousands of YouTube videos and create mainstream tube sites

And, WP-Script has just released a new plugin, WPS LiveJasmin [The First LiveJasmin WordPress Plugin importing Live Cams as Posts], to create awesome webcam sites via the LiveJasmin adult cams affiliate program.

WP-Script's customer service is fast and their plugin and theme documentation is awesome. These guys really put in the time and effort to create a premium product, and the step-by-step instructions needed to get your porn video websites setup fast.

WP-Script Prices

WP-Script offers a couple different options for purchasing their plugins. You can purchase licenses for only the plugins you want, or you can purchase the WP-Script Master Pack, which includes all their plugins. If you choose their a la carte pricing, they have different price options depending how many websites your license can be used on. Going this route can get kinda pricey real quick.

The best option on WP-Script is to purchase their Master Pack. The Master Pack includes all of their plugins and themes, and they can be used on an unlimited number of websites. If you plan to build more than one or two adult video websites, this is definitely the option to choose.



TubeAce has been constantly updating their porn website plugin for years, and it shows in how well designed it is. Unlike WP-Script that has multiple plugins, TubeAce focuses on their one plugin and making it the best they possibly can. TubeAce also has one free theme that you can use with their porn video website plugin.

Don't feel like doing the actual website building yourself? TubeAce always has a few turn-key, pre-developed website with a domain name packages for sale.

If you like the simplicity that comes with working with a single WordPress plugin, then TubeAce might be the right choice for you.

TubeAce Prices

TubeAce offers lifetime licenses based on the number of websites you want to build. You can choose their single site license for $79, 2-5 websites for $99, or your can purchase a license to use their plugin on up to 25 sites for $149. All the way around, TubeAce is a great deal and worthy of your consideration.

Wrapping It Up

Well, here's the straight dope. Both WP-Script and TubeAce are awesome adult video WordPress plugin developers, and you won't go wrong choosing either one. I suggest to take a break from strokin' and do a little reading on both WP-Script & TubeAce's websites to decide for yourself which one is the best choice for your business goals.

Do you have any questions? Check our the Frequently Asked Questions page for lots of answers to the most common questions we receive. Are you looking for the best adult video website hosting company? Make sure to read my post where I cover the top three hosting companies for porn video websites. And, don't forget to check out our available niche adult website domain names. We are adding new names every day that we have scoured the internet to bring directly to you.

If you have any other comments, questions, or feedback, feel free to drop me an email via the Contact page.

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