Step-by-Step To Awesome Passive Income

Getting started with niche adult video websites has never been easier. Never before have there been so many easy-to-use tools and resources that will get your websites online, ranking, and making money fast.

We have broken the getting started with niche adult video websites process down to just a few essential steps, so you can quickly go through this information and gain the basic understanding you need to get started. All of the resources we recommend include extensive documentation for their products and services. We only recommend the best companies and services that offer superior products and support.

Are you ready to build your niche adult video website empire, and start generating passive income? Of course you are! So, let's get started!

Pick You Niches & Domain Names

What Is A Niche?
Niche: noun Pronounced ˈnich also ˈnēsh or ˈnish Definition of “Niche” in this context: A specialized market If adult video websites is the overall market, then a niche would be an adult video website that specializes in a specific topic. These specialized or niche topics could be blowjob, teen, squirting, grannies, Asians, or tranny porn videos. The options are almost endless when you look at how many categories there are on websites like xHamster, etc.. The value in specializing on a specific niche is that you are providing your visitors with the exact content they are looking for. Search engines like niche content. Visitors like focused, niche content. And, it makes promoting money making affiliate programs/ads much, much easier, because you are not sorting through dozens or hundreds of different ads and offers.

Niche Adult Video Websites

Picking the niches you want to focus on can be potentially be a bit overwhelming  in the beginning when you look at how many there are out there. There are dozens of articles online that talk about the right way to pick your adult video website niches that will have you searching and running around for endless hours trying to make a decision. The reality is that it doesn't need to be time consuming or difficult.

Just look at the category listings on a site like xHamster, and you will see that there are dozens of categories for anal, blowjobs, mom/mommy or dad/daddy, Asian, teen, tranny, etc.. Simply choosing a few of these well represented niches will provide you [and your websites] with near endless amounts of content, and still be focused enough to provide your visitors with exactly what they are looking for.

Take a scroll through the niche adult video website domain names we have for sale, and you will see how you can easily focus on a broad niche, while highlighting a more specialized sub-niche. All our domain names for sale are carefully curated for maximum impact on the search engines, and your site visitors.

It's also very important to remember that there are freaks of all stripes out there, and virtually any niche you want to get into will generate traffic. Some niches will certainly have more potential visitors, but it can potentially be much easier to rank your website and start generating traffic with a smaller niche.

The most important thing to remember is not to get analysis paralysis. It's much better to pick your 1, 2, 3 or 4 niches and get your first websites built and online. The faster you get your first websites online, the faster you will start making money. You can always get more focused on sub-niches in the future. The time to get your websites online is Now.

Adult Video Website Domain Names

Short - Focused - Memorable

These are the three main things you need to remember when choosing your niche adult video website domain names, or your webcam website domain names. It is exactly what we do when curating our collection of domain names.

Short - You absolutely want to keep your domain names short. The longer they are, the harder they are to remember and spell for your potential visitors. You also want to make sure your domain names are kept to 1 - 3 [one to three] words in length. This is true for any domain name, not just niche adult video websites. The basic rule-of-thumb is to keep your domain names less than 15 characters.

Focused - You are building niche adult video websites, so you want to make sure your domain names reflect your target market.

For Example: A domain name like will appeal to the wider audience seeking anal porn, and will focus even closer on a sub-niche within the overall anal porn market. Both are great domain names, because they are focused on a specific niche within the overall video porn market, anal sex/porn. But, they are not so broad in their scope that the potential website visitor questions what your main focus is, anal sex/porn.

Memorable - You want to make sure your domain names are easy to remember. The easier they are to remember, the bigger chance you have of visitors returning.

When you combine these three factors, you will end up with domain names that have the best opportunity to rank well on search engines, and visitors to remember you site and return. Take a look through our list of available domain names and you will see that we follow this rule on every domain name we acquire.

Adult Website Hosting

If you want to have successful websites, your choice of website hosting companies is crucial. A slow-loading website will kill you in the search engines, and visitors that do come to your site won't stick around if pages take forever to load.

First, there are few hosting companies that will allow adult content.

Second, of the hosting companies that do allow adult content, you need to find the fastest service for the best price.

Third, you need to define your short and long-term goals, so you can select the correct hosting company and service plan. If you only plan to launch 3-5 [three to five] websites, your hosting needs will be very different from someone that wants to launch 15 - 20+ [fifteen to twenty or more] adult video websites.

Of all the hosting companies out there, we have been able to cut the list down to the top three that deliver on all our criteria: SiteGround, Cloudways & Vacares. All offer lightning-fast servers, and great customer service. SiteGround and Cloudways take it a step further by also providing awesome support for WordPress.

If you are an absolute website beginner, we highly recommend SiteGround, because they offer very powerful shared hosting that can be easily migrated to their virtual private servers [VPS] / Cloud Servers. You can get started with their GoGeek shared hosting plan, which is very fast, and learn your way around. Once you get your first websites built, then you can migrate to their VPS plan.

If you choose to go with a SiteGround GoGeek plan, purchase the longest prepaid term you can afford, so you get the biggest/longest discount. If/when you migrate to one of their VPS plans, any unused credit from your GoGeek plan will simply be applied towards the monthly payments on your new VPS plan.

Do you already have some experience building websites, working with web servers, or have plans to launch many websites [5+] from the start? Then you may want to jump right into a VPS solution. The benefits of going with a VPS are that you have dedicated resources, so your sites will load faster, and you can instantly scale your plan to increase the resources you have [cpu, storage, bandwidth, etc.].

When it comes to VPS solutions for niche adult video websites, Cloudways is hard to beat. Their most popular VPS plan starts at just over $40 per month and provides you with an awesome list of features. Plus, Cloudways offers great WordPress support.

If you want awesome 24/7 support, you should choose Vacares. Vacares offers great prices on their VPS plans and provides great support. They have 3 managed VPS packages starting from $50 per month with no hidden expenses. The great thing about them is that you can consult with them and they can give you advice about what kind of VPS you need and make a custom one for you so you don't have to pay more than you need.

WordPress & Adult Video Plugins


What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source CMS [Content Management System]. WordPress started primarily as a blogging platform, but has developed into a robust web development platform through advancements to WordPress itself, and through the thousands of available plugins developed by third parties.

From the website...

WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely. The basic WordPress software is simple and predictable so you can easily get started. It also offers powerful features for growth and success.

Click Here to read more about WordPress.

Adult Video WordPress Plugins

Yes! It's finally time to turn your niche adult video website ideas into actual niche adult video websites! Ok, but how do you do that? It's actually super easy using  available plugins for WordPress.

There are a bunch of plugins for WordPress to turn your website into an adult video website. But, you need to proceed with caution, because there are folks developing plugins, charging for them, but not releasing consistent updates, or reliable support.

When it comes to adult video plugins, there are only two that truly stand out in the crowd - WP-Script and TubeAce. Both are consistently updated and both developers provide good support. Both also have nice WordPress themes designed to work with their adult video plugins, and their plugins will also work with other WordPress themes if you want to design a custom website that stands out from the crowd.


Of these two developers, we give WP-Script our highest recommendation, because they offer a roster of additional / integrated plugins to really power up your adult video website, and they have a "Master Pack" that gets you all of their WordPress themes and plugins for one discounted price, and you can use their plugins on as many websites as you can build. Plus, they have started to release a turn-key niche adult video website solution that makes creating new niche websites as easy as a few clicks. WP-Script has 5 [five] turn-key niche website solutions, and they are adding more all the time.


TubeAce offers a well developed solution that is very popular, but their pricing structure is a bit different from WP-Script. TubeAce licenses use of their plugins on a per website basis. The per website licensing is nice if you only want to launch a few adult video websites, but the more sites you want to build, the more money you will spend for plugin licenses.

Once you have chosen your adult video website plugin developer, WP-Script or TubeAce, you can follow their provided documentation to install and setup your adult video website. Both have step-by-step instructions for installing and setting up both their plugins and themes. We do find the WP-Script documentation to be much more thorough, so if you are a beginner with WordPress, you'll really appreciate the comprehensive documentation.

A Note About WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are what create the overall look of your website. If you look at your website like a car, WordPress and the plugins you install are like the engine and transmission that make your car run, and the theme is the body and visible style.

If you are a complete newbie to WordPress and building websites, we recommend that you use the themes that are developed by WP-Script or TubeAce to get started and learn your way around. But, if you want to be able to do a completely custom design, their plugins will work with 3rd party themes.

To build a completely custom adult video website, you will need two things: a custom theme, and a page builder. When it comes to WordPress themes, we can't recommend Astra highly enough. Astra is a lightning fast theme that is constantly updated and integrates seamlessly with Beaver Builder or Elementor page builders. So you know, page builders add drag-and-drop functionality to page building, and advanced modules for displaying your content beautifully.

In addition to the adult video plugins, there are some other WordPress plugins you will want to have installed on your websites. The plugins we will cover here are security, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and caching.

Essential WordPress Plugins

In addition to the adult video plugins, there are some other WordPress plugins you will want to have installed on your websites. The plugins we will cover here are security, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and caching.

Quick side note about plugins

There are a shit-ton of plugins for WordPress. When you browse the WordPress plugin directory, you will see lots of them that you think you might need. But, the reality is that you want to keep the number of plugins installed on your site to the absolute minimum necessary. The more plugins you install, the slower your site will load. So, keep your websites lean and mean fast-loading porn machines.

Website Security / Firewall Plugins

Website security should be at the top of your list when it comes to adding a plugin to your WordPress websites. Having a firewall and brute force protection are key to keeping hackers out, and your data safe. There are a few security plugins we recommend.

WordFence - Probably the most popular and highest rated of the WordPress security plugins. WordFence has a free version, and you can upgrade to their premium version for added protection.

All-in-One WP Security & Firewall - Almost as popular as WordFence and trusted by hundreds of thousands of webmasters. There is a free version, and you can upgrade to their premium version for added protection.

Sucuri - This one is growing in popularity, and it can be integrated with Securi website security service. The plugin is separate from their active scanning and protection service. Definitely worth giving it a look.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Plugins

When it comes to SEO plugins, Yost is by far one of the most popular on the WordPress plugin directory, and it offers both a free and paid version. But, Yost is getting quickly knocked from it's vaunted position my RankMath. We highly recommend RankMath as your go-to SEO plugin. Currently RankMath is 100% free, and includes everything you need to properly tune your website for SEO. RankMath will come out with a premium/paid version eventually, but the developers say that the premium version will simply add more features to an already incredible plugin.

For SEO >>> RankMath!

Caching & Site Optimization Plugins

Installing a good caching plugin will make a world of difference in your site loading speed. Fast page loads are crucial to keeping visitors on your site, and you will rank higher on search engines with a fast loading website. We love the WP Rocket caching plugin. It's easy to install and setup and produces lightning fast page loads.

Depending on which adult video plugins you choose to use [WP-Script or TubeAce], we suggest you ask them which caching plugin they recommend you use with their products.

Site Optimization

Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster - this is an awesome plugin that allows you to decide which scripts and other assets are loaded on different pages. This can make a huge difference in your page load speeds.

WP-Optimize - this plugin helps clean up revisions and optimize your database. Totally worth installing and using.

Website Backups

Website backups are the best way to help protect your websites from extended downtime in the event of getting hacked or an update causing a catastrophic problem. There are a couple ways to backup your website, and we use two different types of backups at all times.

One way to backup your website automatically is directly in your cPanel account manager. There is an option to run manual backups, and also the option to run scheduled backups. We have our automatic backups run daily, then run a manual backup every time we do major updates to WordPress, plugins or our theme.

The second way to backup your site is with a premium plugin. We love Updraft Plus, because it makes running backups super easy, and you can use it to clone your sites to make popping up more websites faster and easier.

Website Security | Firewall

Website security is something you need to take very seriously. Hackers love to try and hack websites. Hackers love to try and hack WordPress websites more. And, they love to try and hack adult websites even more. Many of these little rat bastards do it "just for fun," and others do it to try and take over your site and hold it for ransom.

You have a couple options when securing your adult websites. You can use a plugin like WordFence, a very popular website firewall plugin. WordFence has a free and paid/premium version and comes very well rated on the WordPress plugin directory.

If you want to take your website security to the highest level, then a pro-active service like Sucuri is the way to go. Yes, it costs a little bit more, but the level of service they provide is unequaled. Plus, they include site cleanup if you site does get hacked or injected with malware.

Bonus Topic - Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are how you will be making your money on your niche adult video websites. So, having an affiliate link manager and cloaking plugin is perfect for managing all your links. When it comes to affiliate link managers, ThirstyAffiliates is the hottest game in town. There is a free version of ThirstyAffiliate, but for sure you will want to upgrade to their premium version, so you can get their link tracking, reporting, and advanced features.

Generating Traffic

When you first launch your new niche adult video websites, you are probably wondering how you will start to get traffic / visitors to your website. Well, the easiest way to start generating traffic and put your website on the map is to buy it from a company like ExoticAds. Sure, you could wait until Google and the other search engines index your website and it starts showing up in the search results, but you are here to make money, not wait for some search engine to decide when they will acknowledge your existence. Plus, if you can drive more traffic to your site, the more relevant Google and the other search engines will take note of this traffic, and it should/will help you climb up the search results.

Now, buying traffic is not a 100% substitution for a well built site that is properly optimized for search engines. You still need to focus on the basics, because you don't want to pay for traffic forever [unless, of course, it continues to convert to growing your site and income], you want to hit the first page of Google search results for your niche and grow your organic traffic.

Other ways to help drive traffic are through social media accounts [facebook, twitter, etc.] where you can post updates about new content. But, be careful not to post any actual nudity or porn, keep it "clean" for your social media accounts. Another great way to generate traffic is through online forums. You can either get out there and post to the forums yourself, or you can hire a freelancer to do it for you. If you want to hire a freelancer, Fiverr is a great way to go. The prices are cheap and you can get a lot of back-links for a very small investment.

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